Arguindegui Oil can provide a full range of services to make your operation worry free.

Arguindegui Oil offers cost saving programs, state of the art of equipment, and efficiency driven services that help your business be successful. Whether you are drilling in South Texas, operating a gas gather field, or driving the highways, Arguindegui Oil has what you need. At Arguindegui Oil, your success is our goal!


  • 24/7 Delivery
  • Lubricant Oil Analysis
  • Pre-Filtered Guarantee
  • Used Oil Disposal
  • Plant Lubrication Survey
  • Lubrication Consolidation
  • Storage & Handling Study
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis Reports
  • Lubrication Point Tagging
  • Training
  • Bulk Lubricant Storage and Dispensing Equipment
  • Fuel Management (Card Lock) Systems
  • Fuel Storage and Dispensing Systems
  • On Site Fueling Services
  • Frac Fueling Services


  • Inventory Management
  • Keep Full Agreements
  • Tank Monitoring Systems
  • Used Oil and Coolant Removal
  • Emergency Spill Response
  • Boroscope Services
  • Retail Dealer Brand Programs
  • Fuel Island Construction
  • C-Store Construction
  • Car Wash Construction and Equipment
  • Truck Wash Construction and Equipment
  • Fixed Fuel and Indices Priced Fuel Contracts
  • Real Estate Development