International markets with our neighbors to the south will soon open up with a great opportunity to provide them our level of service and expertise.

Aguindegui Oil Company with over 75 years experience in the market of petroleum products in the United States of America and Dharma Energetics with over 30 years in the market of “commodities” in Mexico, join today and make ARDA ENERGY society in Mexico and the United States with the mission of:

“Providing petroleum products in conjunction with refining companies, warehousing and transportation suppliers. To achieve a reliable, sustainable supply, quality, operational efficiency and attractive cost to consumers in the Mexican market.”

Today, we operate supply contracts with petroleum refining companies located in Texas such as Citgo Petroleum; Valero; Flint Hills; Western Refining; Phillips66; VP Racing Fuels; representing branding opportunities such as Phillips66; VP Racing Fuels and Citgo Petroleum.