Our Vision, Our Mission

From generation to generation of Arguindegui leadership, our vision and our mission has been to make our customers, employee partners, and our shareholders successful. We truly value our relationships and our people. At Arguindegui Oil Company, your success is our goal!

Vision Statement

Arguindegui Oil Company's commitment is to:

  • Be the predominant preferred supplier of lubricants, fuels, chemicals, and oil field services throughout Texas and Northern Mexico
  • Be recognized as a company offering exceptional products and highly valued services
  • Be recognized as a company of high integrity, solid business tenure, and long-term commitment to the community
  • Be recognized as an entrepreneurial company sought after by business partners
  • Be the sole supplier for Conoco Lube oil field activities and co-venture partner with Conoco Lubricants involving a Laredo distribution facility

Mission Statement

Arguindegui Oil Company’s mission is to provide a financially solid return on investment for its stakeholders, to continue to create profitable business ventures, enable a rewarding long-term employment for its employee partners, and to positively influence the communities in which they operate.

Mission Statement