Our Management

Our management team includes some of the most talented individuals in the industry.  Many have served in capacities within our organization and others and been recognized for their outstanding contributions to their field. Arguindegui Oil’s management team is committed to providing its customers exceptional service and delivering high-quality products throughout Texas. Each member of our management team plays a vital role in the development of our staff and the success of our company.  If you would like to join our team, click here.

Rey Hernandez

Ray Hernandez

Chief Supply Officer/SVP of International & Commercial Operations

Ray Hernandez is Chief Marketing Officer. Mr. Hernandez’s responsibilities include marketing, supply, logistics and business development of the company.

Before joining Arguindegui Oil, Mr. Hernandez had an impressive 23-year career at Valero Energy where he served and retired as Senior Manager of Unbranded Wholesale for the entire Gulf and Mid-Continent, Southwestern United States and Mexico (PEMEX/PMI). During his tenure at Valero, he also held the position of Senior Manager of National Accounts stretching from coast to coast. Mr. Hernandez was the primary lead in the marketing and introduction of ULSD and TxLED in its infancy stage.

With a total of 30 years in the refining industry, Mr. Hernandez has proven to be successful in managing growth and success with fuel supply, fuel sales, and customer’s relations. Recognized for his expertise in the industry, Mr. Hernandez has served as keynote Speaker at national conferences which include Platt’s, OPIS, NBB, and NTTC. These organizations have a national significance in US Energy and Petroleum pricing and logistics as well and establishing policy.  Mr. Hernandez also served a four-year term as a member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on San Antonio’s Executive Board during 2002 through 2006.  He was also selected by Bill Greehey, CEO at Valero at the time, to be the 2001 United Way Loaned Executive for San Antonio.

Mr. Ray Hernandez graduated from Brownsville High School and attended Texas Southmost Junior College and went on to attend Texas A&M University at College Station where he studied in the Agricultural Department of Entomology for the USDA South Texas Extension Project.

Wes Scott

Wes Scott

Chief Operating Officer

Wes Scott started his convenience store career in 1998 with Town & Country Food Stores in San Angelo, TX. While at Town & Country, Wes held many positions in Accounting, Construction & Maintenance, and Marketing before an opportunity established to run the company operated a fleet of 12 trucks. He completed two Bachelor degrees at Angelo State University. The first was in Business Management degree in 2000 and the second degree was in Accounting in 2005. Wes was able to sprinkle in various Real Estate, Computer Science, Chemistry, and even Range and Wildlife Management classes trying to find his niche. Living the life of a career student was enjoyable, but eventually went away when he met his soon to be wife Micha and married in 2006. Our three kids, Rylan, Amryn, and Daygen are now the focus of my life.

In 2007, Susser Holding purchased Town and Country leading to an opportunity to start a new transportation company. Wes was given a chance to add a new platform to Susser Holdings, and GoPetro Transport was soon born. GoPetro remained under his control until 2013. When Wes stepped away from the retail transportation division in 2013, GoPetro was over 50 trucks and delivering 1/3 of all Susser Holdings gallons. GoPetro had become the number one carrier for the company in gallons hauled and comparable DOT safety ratings.

In 2013, Wes became the Vice President of Susser Energy Services and then Sunoco Energy Services, working to develop a new wholesale model that provides support for energy customers trying to grow their businesses. Sunoco Energy Services went on to operate its transportation division in five states and included sales of not only fuel, but propane, chemicals, and other oil and lube products.

To this day, Wes struggles to focus on one topic to make his life easier. He credits continuous general education as one of the main reasons he is where he is today. Wes went on to start his MBA program at Texas A&M in 2016. An opportunity was developed to allow him to join the Arguindegui Oil team in 2017. With Wes’ help, Arguindegui Oil will strive to satisfy the energy needs of its customers.